The introduction sentence which is published with house organ

Name Yasuo Kagaya
Job Description Designing electric circuits, developing softs for microcomputers, system planning for machine control and measuring device control
E-mail Address  
Age at Heart Around 28 years old
Hobby Amateur HAM Radio(JP1MFV), Short-wave Listening, taking a walk
Principles of Life "self-help efforts", "Veritas Liberabit Vos", "All things are in flux, nothing is permanent"
Dislikes Unreasonableness
Achievement I have many excellent bosses and colleagues who keep challenging to new things
Goal/s in Life To live out my life as good member of the society and a family-centered person
Dream/s I want to become a master in a undiscovered field
Favorite Place/s In front of my radio receiver, library
How do you see yourself A craftman! A Buddhism influenced by Protestant
What makes you happy The moment when my ideas are changed into products
Essentials to life My family, my works, radio receiver
Your Rival Myself
Person you admire Those who did solitary challenges for the pride in their nations and people such as Subhas Chandra Bose (India 1897-1945) and Charles Andre Joseph Marie de Gaulle (France 1890-1970)
A monarch who considered his/her country such as Emperor of SHOWA (Japan 1901-1989) 
A engineer who made his/her dream come true such as Wernher Von Braun (Germany 1912-1977)
My master George TAGAMI, a professor of public law
What you most like about work I can make my ideas change into products
Frustration at work A point with no distinction between forms and substance
Satisfaction at work The moment when my ideas are changed into products
Kind of boss that you aim to be I want to be a leader who never ever adandon his/her work and subordinates rather than becoming a boss


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